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welcome to Tuffex exhaust systems

Tuffex Exhausts is a locally based manufacturer of both bolt on standard exhaust systems and performance exhausts made to your specification as well as related accessories. We distribute exclusively to fitment centres and wholesale to selected distribution centres across South Africa.

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At Tuffex we manufacture:

​~ Accessories

~ Universal Silencers

~ Bolt on Silencers

~ Tubing 

~ Universal Truck Silencers

~ Scooter Silencers

~ Performance Silencers

We have distributors all over South Africa selling our standard and performance exhaust systems.

About us

We have distributors around South Africa selling our standard and performance exhaust systems.


All Tuffex products carry a guarantee against manufacturing defects. Stainless steel silencers carry a 5 year guarantee and Electrogalv mild steel carry a 1 year guarantee.


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100% Guarantee

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